What can you do on a holiday by yourself?

Are you single and alone or are far from your family to get together. The very thought of spending holidays alone may make you sad. However, you need not feel disheartened, even if circumstances compel you to stay alone. Here are some ideas to enjoy holiday by you.

Go on Singles Holiday

Many travel agencies offer packages that revolve for singles.  There is nothing as comfortable as traveling alone with well-known travel agencies. You can make new friends and it always need not have to be some love connection. Go on some mountain ski and enjoy in the snow and sun. Have a good time with others who are also single.

Surround Yourself with best Comforts

Surround yourself with traditional comforts and ensure you are enjoying a very special holiday, even by yourself. There is no need for you to lead a miserable life. If you are at home, watch movies that you have missed in your busy schedule. If not, try some dish that you love from old times. Remind of cherished memories and it will skip your mind that you are alone.

Start a New Tradition

If thinking about traditions brings some sad feeling, you need not take part in them. It is best to initiate some new tradition. Do something that you appreciate, try to be creative and you will love with that you come up with. You are not alone trying to spend your holidays alone or planning it alone, in fact, there are many out there like you in the same boat. Get together with them and plan a singles holiday events with local agencies. There will be many interesting things coming your way that you literally forgot for a long time.

Try Something New

The best ways to get off your mind is to try something new. All you need is good focus because it is an unfamiliar path to you offering now the opportunity to widen your horizons. Search online or check the local newspaper to see the activities available in your area.  This is sure to give you reasons to highlight your time and to spend holidays with enthusiasm.

Some hobbies are best done in a peace and quiet place. This is the right time to enjoy solo holidays and to have a wonderful time in completing your hobbies that is long pending to catch your attention. Just curl up with a cup of steaming coffee and a good book. Immerse in the characters of the book and their lives. If required, practice your favorite dance moves. Find options to do something that you love doing alone, but it should not be exhausting.


If you don’t have a hobby that you can do on your own, now is the time. After I bought the best metal detector for the money I could afford I’ve been hooked. I must admit though, taking it everywhere can be annoying!

  • Reading
  • Cycling
  • Running/Jogging
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Metal Detecting (Odd but something I’m getting into)
  • Sewing
  • Cross words
  • Puzzles

There are literally thousands of different things you could get into, maybe a hobby that you’ve wanted to try for so long but never got round to doing?

Other ways to enjoy a solo holiday time

  • Video chat with family and friends and catch with long time pending talks. Video chat is a nice option to have your cake, eat it and stop as you wish by simply turning off the computer.
  • Use the holiday to catch up with the to-do-list. This will make your time productive, will keep you preoccupied and you will forget you are alone. Thus complete few from the list and you are sure to be happy for using the holiday time solo.


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