What are the places you want to avoid this summer?

Traveling in summer may be amazing, but the fun experienced may be lesser than expected as it may be busy and hot. Here are some places that are best avoided during summer, so that you are not disappointed. Actually, these are fascinating and memorable places for other times of the year, except for summer.


Rome is an incredibly busy city. You can find traffic everywhere and the local people keep going around. Besides, in summer, during school holidays, thousands of people visit the city that all the tourist sites have long queues, the cafes, restaurants and bars are mobbed that your thrill is short-lived. Thus you feel stifled owing to this business. The summer heat here is unbearably hot and sultry. Actually, this wonderful city is dotted with ancient stories and architecture, yet it was unbelievably warm.


Athens is a city that is incredibly warm. Though the city is speckled with historical attractions and sights, your mood will be ready to take a plunge into a cold pool. In fact, contemplating to leave the air conditioned room or the pool is the biggest problem that it is best avoided visiting during summer.


Cyprus is an adorable island. Located in the Mediterranean, it is incredibly hot during summers. You will not feel bothered, if you enjoy cooling off near a pool or Mediterranean Sea or even enjoy lazing around when the temperatures are much above 30 degrees. Otherwise, it is very hot outside that you may get crazy due to this heat.


Dubai is a city in the desert and is exceedingly warm during summers. The temperatures take to 45 degrees centigrade. Though there is much to do in Dubai, visiting during summers means you must chase the next air conditioning place and stay indoors all the time.

The South of France

Another place that is truly adorable is the South of France, but is not worth visiting in summer. The south of France is too busy in summer to enjoy. Europeans from many cities namely, Rome, Florence, Murcia, etc, move to the south of France, as it is relatively cool and so during summer this region becomes highly busy and overcrowded.

This means the apartment and hotel prices get inflated seriously, while the restaurants are mostly full and you have to struggle to find a desired space in any of the beaches or restaurant to eat. Especially, if you dislike shelling out high prices and crowds, the best is to steer clear of such destinations that are very hot in summers. The matters become worse if there is a sudden interruption of rain or thunderstorms for a 30-60 minute that it involves unnecessary waiting and the humidity and heat becomes exceptionally high.

Traveling Tips

  • Visit Rome in autumn or spring and you are sure to enjoy the small-time sunshine and fewer tourists.
  • Visit Cyprus early October as it is the best time to visit. The temperatures are pleasant and warm, besides you can enjoy the quieter island.
  • October is ideal in Dubai for sunbathing and sightseeing as the temperatures are moderately low.

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