How to stay fit and healthy on holiday?

Heading to vacations means it is a wonderful time to escape, relax and indulge. This is the time you sleep off or go on tours to some corner of the world. However, as you work hard to stay fit on all the other days, there is no specific reason why exercising should take a back bench. If you wish to feel and look better at all times, keep going with your exercises even on holidays. Here are few simple ways to stay healthy and fit on holidays.

Do Your Research

Check if the hotel you book on your holiday has a pool, gym, or a health club agreement. You can search online and find details about the nearby parks with stairs or trails. In case the hotel you have booked offers best customer service, hygiene and dining features, but lacks a gym or health club association, you may utilize the hotel room furniture. Use the chair for triceps dips and secure your resistance cables as the perfect place is a closed door. In fact take a jump rope to incorporate cardio.

Step It Up

There is no need for you to spend all your holiday time in a hotel sterile gym. This is the opportunity to breathe fresh air. Put on a pedometer and start walking outside. Plan for 10,000 steps in a day and burn 400 calories roughly.

Go Explore

Start in the morning for sightseeing. This also works as a real cardio boost. Book a bike tour and this is beneficial as it burns extra calories and you see everything fast. Rent kayaks in beach towns and enjoy paddling. You can burn around 345 calories in an hour’s paddling.

Walk and walk

On holidays, there is no schedule. This is the time you can use to walk and walk. Go by foot to faraway places by foot and you will enjoy the entire journey and walking. While returning, you will feel light.

Other ways to stay fit and healthy even during holidays

  • Opt for stairs. Wherever you get a chance, opt for stairs. Leave behind the elevators and climb stairs. They are amazing calorie burners.
  • Wear walking shoes and go for sightseeing. Avoid taxis and trolleys. There is no better way to enjoy the surprises, joys and cultures of a place, than visiting on foot.
  • Go for restaurants that are at a walking distance. Enjoy leisurely walks in the evenings. Walking after a meal keeps blood sugar levels down.
  • Play with kids and burn some calories, go bike riding with them, pick up sea shells and enjoy sunbathing, you are sure to enjoy this fun with little ones.
  • On a holiday after dinner, go for a nice long walk along the park and after lunch along the shore. Request the concierge of the hotel for walking maps so that they can guide you to crime-free and safe pedestrian areas.
  • While on holidays, there may be less time for regular workout and this is acceptable. It is better than doing something than doing nothing. Aim for a 50% of the normal routine.
  • Active hobbies – My friend at takes his metal detector with him on holiday to stay active, not sure it’s the most social but an idea.


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