What can you do on a holiday by yourself?

Are you single and alone or are far from your family to get together. The very thought of spending holidays alone may make you sad. However, you need not feel disheartened, even if circumstances compel you to stay alone. Here are some ideas to enjoy holiday by you.

Go on Singles Holiday

Many travel agencies offer packages that revolve for singles.  There is nothing as comfortable as traveling alone with well-known travel agencies. You can make new friends and it always need not have to be some love connection. Go on some mountain ski and enjoy in the snow and sun. Have a good time with others who are also single.

Surround Yourself with best Comforts

Surround yourself with traditional comforts and ensure you are enjoying a very special holiday, even by yourself. There is no need for you to lead a miserable life. If you are at home, watch movies that you have missed in your busy schedule. If not, try some dish that you love from old times. Remind of cherished memories and it will skip your mind that you are alone.

Start a New Tradition

If thinking about traditions brings some sad feeling, you need not take part in them. It is best to initiate some new tradition. Do something that you appreciate, try to be creative and you will love with that you come up with. You are not alone trying to spend your holidays alone or planning it alone, in fact, there are many out there like you in the same boat. Get together with them and plan a singles holiday events with local agencies. There will be many interesting things coming your way that you literally forgot for a long time.

Try Something New

The best ways to get off your mind is to try something new. All you need is good focus because it is an unfamiliar path to you offering now the opportunity to widen your horizons. Search online or check the local newspaper to see the activities available in your area.  This is sure to give you reasons to highlight your time and to spend holidays with enthusiasm.

Some hobbies are best done in a peace and quiet place. This is the right time to enjoy solo holidays and to have a wonderful time in completing your hobbies that is long pending to catch your attention. Just curl up with a cup of steaming coffee and a good book. Immerse in the characters of the book and their lives. If required, practice your favorite dance moves. Find options to do something that you love doing alone, but it should not be exhausting.


If you don’t have a hobby that you can do on your own, now is the time. After I bought the best metal detector for the money I could afford I’ve been hooked. I must admit though, taking it everywhere can be annoying!

  • Reading
  • Cycling
  • Running/Jogging
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Metal Detecting (Odd but something I’m getting into)
  • Sewing
  • Cross words
  • Puzzles

There are literally thousands of different things you could get into, maybe a hobby that you’ve wanted to try for so long but never got round to doing?

Other ways to enjoy a solo holiday time

  • Video chat with family and friends and catch with long time pending talks. Video chat is a nice option to have your cake, eat it and stop as you wish by simply turning off the computer.
  • Use the holiday to catch up with the to-do-list. This will make your time productive, will keep you preoccupied and you will forget you are alone. Thus complete few from the list and you are sure to be happy for using the holiday time solo.


What should you take with you on holiday?

Having your hotels and flights booked, the last thing is the luggage to be packed, but to ensure it is a great holiday; you have to consider these packing tips to travel without worry. Here is a list that you should take on a holiday with you.

Make a list

It is a little boring, but making lists ensure a stress-free holiday. Split essentials from desirable, but be realistic regarding your luggage control.  To begin with remember these:

  • Without fail take the first-aid kit. Take a small bag with essential medicine and pills for headache, upset stomach or high-climate fever. Picking up some domestic remedy for small ailments is best. You can also carry asthma remedies and allergy meds.
  • Limit taking liquids as most airport security does not permit carrying liquids. In fact, not more than 100ml liquid is permitted with your hand luggage in pan-European countries. In case, you wish to carry something in more quantity, stow it with the check-in baggage.
  • Observe baggage restrictions. Avoid overstuffing, check with your airlines and carry the appropriate weight or else you have to cough up extra amount or say goodbye to your loved belongings.

Carry essential shoes

Consider seriously the pairs of shoes you take.  Approximately three pairs for a 2 week getaway are reasonable. Avoid carrying stilettos and wear some cumbersome pair such that your socks are stuffed in it.

Carry half-empty bags

Carrying half-empty bags is recommended so that you save space to fill it with holiday mementos. Keep more space so that you are able to bring back more things and it has enough room.  Take suitcases or luggage with name tags fitted. It helps in easy identification and saves time.

Retain Essential things with you

In case you consider something very useful, you can place it on the top, so that it is easily removed. Keep all valuable equipment in hand luggage. Airlines luggage is safe, yet to stay safe, it is best to stow your expensive luxuries in the hand luggage, be it your camera or a diamond engagement ring.

Pack all-rounder fashions

Going on a holiday means stay a bit out of the fashion. Avoid taking eccentric statement clothing pieces. Instead pack all-round fashions, they are helpful. The all-round attire you take should serve the right purpose and fit your suitcase space. Leave behind outlandish statement pieces at home. At the same time pack clothes in groups such as pants in one side and the shirts in the other side. This categorizing of clothes helps and it is easy to find. Take rolling clothes, so that stuffing it inside does not cause much creases.

Most important items

If you are packing something delicate, wrap them between clothes or in a bubble wrap. Remember to carry adapters, you may need them and if you forget, buying the same at airport prices means you will go crazy.  Also take an umbrella with you, be it for rain or shine. Yet, check the weather before you start on your holiday and if necessary do essential repacking.


What are the places you want to avoid this summer?

Traveling in summer may be amazing, but the fun experienced may be lesser than expected as it may be busy and hot. Here are some places that are best avoided during summer, so that you are not disappointed. Actually, these are fascinating and memorable places for other times of the year, except for summer.


Rome is an incredibly busy city. You can find traffic everywhere and the local people keep going around. Besides, in summer, during school holidays, thousands of people visit the city that all the tourist sites have long queues, the cafes, restaurants and bars are mobbed that your thrill is short-lived. Thus you feel stifled owing to this business. The summer heat here is unbearably hot and sultry. Actually, this wonderful city is dotted with ancient stories and architecture, yet it was unbelievably warm.


Athens is a city that is incredibly warm. Though the city is speckled with historical attractions and sights, your mood will be ready to take a plunge into a cold pool. In fact, contemplating to leave the air conditioned room or the pool is the biggest problem that it is best avoided visiting during summer.


Cyprus is an adorable island. Located in the Mediterranean, it is incredibly hot during summers. You will not feel bothered, if you enjoy cooling off near a pool or Mediterranean Sea or even enjoy lazing around when the temperatures are much above 30 degrees. Otherwise, it is very hot outside that you may get crazy due to this heat.


Dubai is a city in the desert and is exceedingly warm during summers. The temperatures take to 45 degrees centigrade. Though there is much to do in Dubai, visiting during summers means you must chase the next air conditioning place and stay indoors all the time.

The South of France

Another place that is truly adorable is the South of France, but is not worth visiting in summer. The south of France is too busy in summer to enjoy. Europeans from many cities namely, Rome, Florence, Murcia, etc, move to the south of France, as it is relatively cool and so during summer this region becomes highly busy and overcrowded.

This means the apartment and hotel prices get inflated seriously, while the restaurants are mostly full and you have to struggle to find a desired space in any of the beaches or restaurant to eat. Especially, if you dislike shelling out high prices and crowds, the best is to steer clear of such destinations that are very hot in summers. The matters become worse if there is a sudden interruption of rain or thunderstorms for a 30-60 minute that it involves unnecessary waiting and the humidity and heat becomes exceptionally high.

Traveling Tips

  • Visit Rome in autumn or spring and you are sure to enjoy the small-time sunshine and fewer tourists.
  • Visit Cyprus early October as it is the best time to visit. The temperatures are pleasant and warm, besides you can enjoy the quieter island.
  • October is ideal in Dubai for sunbathing and sightseeing as the temperatures are moderately low.

How to stay fit and healthy on holiday?

Heading to vacations means it is a wonderful time to escape, relax and indulge. This is the time you sleep off or go on tours to some corner of the world. However, as you work hard to stay fit on all the other days, there is no specific reason why exercising should take a back bench. If you wish to feel and look better at all times, keep going with your exercises even on holidays. Here are few simple ways to stay healthy and fit on holidays.

Do Your Research

Check if the hotel you book on your holiday has a pool, gym, or a health club agreement. You can search online and find details about the nearby parks with stairs or trails. In case the hotel you have booked offers best customer service, hygiene and dining features, but lacks a gym or health club association, you may utilize the hotel room furniture. Use the chair for triceps dips and secure your resistance cables as the perfect place is a closed door. In fact take a jump rope to incorporate cardio.

Step It Up

There is no need for you to spend all your holiday time in a hotel sterile gym. This is the opportunity to breathe fresh air. Put on a pedometer and start walking outside. Plan for 10,000 steps in a day and burn 400 calories roughly.

Go Explore

Start in the morning for sightseeing. This also works as a real cardio boost. Book a bike tour and this is beneficial as it burns extra calories and you see everything fast. Rent kayaks in beach towns and enjoy paddling. You can burn around 345 calories in an hour’s paddling.

Walk and walk

On holidays, there is no schedule. This is the time you can use to walk and walk. Go by foot to faraway places by foot and you will enjoy the entire journey and walking. While returning, you will feel light.

Other ways to stay fit and healthy even during holidays

  • Opt for stairs. Wherever you get a chance, opt for stairs. Leave behind the elevators and climb stairs. They are amazing calorie burners.
  • Wear walking shoes and go for sightseeing. Avoid taxis and trolleys. There is no better way to enjoy the surprises, joys and cultures of a place, than visiting on foot.
  • Go for restaurants that are at a walking distance. Enjoy leisurely walks in the evenings. Walking after a meal keeps blood sugar levels down.
  • Play with kids and burn some calories, go bike riding with them, pick up sea shells and enjoy sunbathing, you are sure to enjoy this fun with little ones.
  • On a holiday after dinner, go for a nice long walk along the park and after lunch along the shore. Request the concierge of the hotel for walking maps so that they can guide you to crime-free and safe pedestrian areas.
  • While on holidays, there may be less time for regular workout and this is acceptable. It is better than doing something than doing nothing. Aim for a 50% of the normal routine.
  • Active hobbies – My friend at metaldetectordirect.com takes his metal detector with him on holiday to stay active, not sure it’s the most social but an idea.